Application Fees, Renewals, and Mill Assessment

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Application Fees
Application Type Fee
New Products $1,150
Amendments $25
Notification of Minor Changes $25
Product Registration Renewal $1,525
Late Product Registration Renewal $1,830
Structural Pest Control Device $200
Section 18 Emergency Exemption No fee
Section 24c Special Local Need No fee
Research Authorization No fee

These fees are not refundable (even if a registrant voluntarily withdraws its application, the application is returned, or the application is denied). Make checks payable to "Cashier, Department of Pesticide Regulation".

Mill Assessment

DPR's Mill Assessment Office collects Mill Assessment. Mill assessment is levied quarterly on wholesale pesticide sales is $0.021 per dollar of sales, plus additional $0.0075 on agricultural and dual-use products only. For questions, please call (916) 445-4159 or e-mail


A pesticide product certificate of registration (license) expires on December 31 of each year. An annual renewal fee is required for each product registered in California. In October of each year, DPR mails each registrant an Application for Renewal of Registration with a list of their currently registered pesticide products. The signed renewal form and renewal fee(s) should be returned to DPR as soon as possible, and no later than January 31 of the following year.

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Questions involving licensing or certification of applicators, pest control advisors, or businesses should be directed to DPR's Licensing and Certification Program at (916) 445-4038 or by e-mail at