Registration Contacts

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  Ombudsman: Jolynn Mahmoudi-Haeri (916) 324-3545
  AB 2021 (Groundwater Contamination Prevention Act): Denise Alder & Carlos Gutierrez
  Active & Inert Ingredients: Eileen Mahoney
  Adverse Effects Disclosures: Hayat Ford
  Branch Chief: Ann Prichard
  Budgets, Personnel, Purchasing, & Supplies: Blanca Santos
  Computer Systems: Shelley Lopez
  Databases: Eileen Mahoney
  Data Formatting / Indexing: Amy Duran
  Data (Scientific Studies) Services: Tanja Lyons
  Emergency Exemptions (Section 18): Francie Bishop
  Exempt Products (Section 25b): Jolynn Mahmoudi-Haeri
  Experimental Use Permits (EUP): John Inouye
  Product Label Requests from Government Agencies: Registration Resource Center (916) 324-0399
  Legislation: Liz Pelham
  Licensing & Renewals: Marc Shaffer
  New Active Ingredients: Steve Rhodes & Hayat Ford
  Public Records Request, PDF (78 kb): Amy Duran
  Reevaluations: Denise Alder (916) 324-3522
  Registration Supervisor: Leilani Hansen
  Registration Supervisor: Ann Hanger
  Registration Supervisor: Najme Minhaj
  Registration Supervisor: Tulio Macedo
  Registration Supervisor (New Active Ingredients):Richard Spas
  Research Authorizations: Don Antonowich
  Registration Submission Routing & Tracking: Andi Cameron
  Regulations & Risk Assessment : Ann Hanger
  SB 950 (Birth Defects Prevention Act): Denise Alder
  Environmental Program Manager I: Liz Pelham
  Environmental Program Manager I: Shelley Lopez
  Environmental Program Manager I: Margaret Reiff
  Special Local Needs (Section 24C) John Inouye
  Structural Pest Control Device Registration Program: Ann Hanger
  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Carlos Gutierrez