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March 21, 2000

ENF 2000-013

TO: County Agricultural Commissioners


Several sulfur manufacturers recently formed a task force and developed drift mitigation measures to address off-site deposition of sulfur. These measures would be limited to uses within California through supplemental labeling and a stewardship manual entitled, Best Application Practices Manual.

Attached are drafts of both the proposed labeling and the stewardship manual. The Task Force intends to have the stewardship program in place for the 2000 use season; however, the supplemental labeling is subject to review and approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and may not be in place until later this year.

To meet the Task Force's timeline, our review and response must be expedited. To date, we have discussed the proposal with the Sacramento Valley, San Joaquin Valley, and Coast Area Groups. I am offering an additional opportunity for you to review the proposal and submit comments. To receive full consideration, comments must be returned to us by March 31, 2000. I apologize that we cannot allow more time. Please forward comments to Mr. Roy Rutz at or fax to (916) 445-3907. Mr. Rutz may be contacted at (916) 445-4279.

General questions may be directed to the Senior Pesticide Use Specialist Liaison serving your county.


original signed by

David Duncan, Acting Chief
Pesticide Enforcement Branch
(916) 445-3871


cc: Mr. Daniel J. Merkley, Agricultural Commissioner Liaison (w/Attachments)
Mr. Roy Rutz (w/Attachments)