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April 14, 2000

ENF 2000-019

TO: County Agricultural Commissioners


As you may be aware, the Department of Pesticide Regulation's (DPR's) Enforcement Initiative and People and Pesticides Quality Team Report will require the Pesticide Enforcement Branch to undertake new challenges and workload. Because of this, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Kathy Boyle as a Program Specialist to assist with these new activities. Kathy's broad range of program issues, knowledge and experience, analytical skills, and ability as a trainer, will enable the branch and DPR to move forward with the objectives and goals outlined in the Enforcement Initiative and People and Pesticides Report.

Kathy's effective start date as Program Specialist is April 17, 2000, and she will be located in Southern California. Please join us in welcoming Kathy to her new assignment.

In the interim, and until we have recruited for the Southern Regional Office Supervising Pesticide Use Specialist, Mr. Jim Shattuck will assume supervisory duties over that office. For routine program issues, please continue to contact the senior pesticide use specialist liaison serving your county. During the interim period, if you have other issues or concerns, feel free to contact Mr. Shattuck by telephone at (916) 445-3860, or by e-mail at

Thank you for your support of Kathy in her duties as the Southern Regional Office's Supervising Pesticide Use Specialist. I am confident that this transition period will be a smooth one and I look forward to our continued working relationship.


original signed by

David Duncan, Acting Chief
Pesticide Enforcement Branch
(916) 445-3871

cc: Mr. Paul E. Helliker, DPR Director
Mr. Paul H. Gosselin, DPR Acting Chief Deputy Director
Mr. Douglas Y. Okumura, DPR Acting Assistant Director
Mr. Daniel J. Merkley, Agricultural Commissioner Liaison
Mr. Jim Shattuck, Pesticide Enforcement Branch