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April 2, 2004   ENF 2004-006
County Agricultural Commissioners  

The enclosed documents describe the Department of Pesticide Regulation's recommended Rice Pesticides Permit Conditions for 2004. The recommended permit conditions remain substantially the same as last year despite attempts to clarify and simplify descriptions.

If you have any questions about the subject, please contact your Enforcement Branch Liaison.

Original Signature by:
Roy Rutz, Agriculture Program Supervisor III
Enforcement Branch
(916) 324-4100

Rice Pesticides Program 2004, PDF (62 kb)
Molinate Worker Safety Permit Conditions, PDF (51 kb)
2004 Summary of Ordram 15-GM and 8-E Labeling Requirements, PDF (18 kb)
2004 Rice Pesticides Water Management Requirements Summary, PDF (9 kb)
Text of Final Regulations, PDF (15 kb)

cc: Ms. Roberta Firoved, California Rice Commission (w/Enclosures)
Mr. Rudy Schnagl, CVRWQCB (w/Enclosures)
Ms. Amanda Smith, CVRWQCB (w/Enclosures)
Ms. Kathy Brunetti, DPR Senior Land And Water Use Analysis (w/Enclosures)
Mr. Daniel J. Merkley, DPR Agricultural Commissioner Liaison (w/Enclosures)

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