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May 11, 2004   ENF 2004-011
County Agricultural Commissioners  

Restricted Materials Permit Review


The enclosed document describes the Department of Pesticide Regulation´s (DPR´s) expectations for various aspects of the restricted materials permit review process. Information provided in this document supersedes previous directives issued by DPR pertaining to:

  • Permit evaluation and review;
  • Due process, as it relates to permit actions; and,
  • Grounds for refusal, revocation, and suspension of a restricted materials permit.

If you have any questions concerning this document, please contact your Enforcement Branch Liaison.

Original Signature by:
Roy Rutz, Agriculture Program Supervisor III
Enforcement Branch
(916) 324-4100

Restricted Materials Permit Review
Restricted Materials Permit Denial Record
California Restricted Materials Requirements

cc:  Ms. Nancy Grussing, DPR Agriculture Program Supervisor II (w/Enclosures)
      Mr. Jim Shattuck, DPR Agriculture       Mr. Daniel J. Merkley, DPR Agricultural Commissioner Liaison (w/Enclosures)Program Supervisor II (w/Enclosures)

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