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May 25, 2004   ENF 2004-013
EM 2004-003
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The leadership for the Rice Pesticides Program transitioned from the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to the California Rice Commission (CRC) in 2003. CRC is now responsible for water monitoring, reporting to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (CVRWQCB) and coordinating the participation of all program stakeholders.

DPR does not anticipate any further need for special or priority reporting of rice pesticide data. Timely reporting of inspections and pesticide use data to DPR through routine channels will be sufficient.

As co-regulators with CVRWQCB, DPR will share with CVRWQCB any data in its possession that will help to resolve concerns surrounding use of pesticides and water quality. DPR will also continue to make available to CRC, upon request, data in its files that may assist CRC in meeting its reporting obligation to CVRWQCB.

If you have any questions about this subject, please contact the Enforcement Branch Liaison assigned to your county.

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Roy Rutz, Agriculture Program Supervisor III
Enforcement Branch
(916) 324-4100

John S. Sanders, Ph.D., Chief
Environmental Monitoring Branch
(916) 324-4100

cc:  Ms. Roberta Firoved, California Rice Commission
      Ms. Amanda Smith, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board
      Mr. Daniel J. Merkley, DPR Agricultural Commissioner Liaison

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