Soil Fumigant Label Changes

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Soil fumigant labels were revised nationwide in 2010 (Phase 1) and 2012 (Phase 2) to add safety measures for agricultural workers and bystanders. The soil fumigant label revisions affect products containing methyl bromide, metam sodium, metam potassium, chloropicrin (including in combination with 1,3-D), and dazomet.

Phase 1 training module addresses 2010 requirement changes affecting:

  • Worker Protection
  • Handler Information
  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Application Method and Rate Restrictions
  • Restricted Use Pesticide Classification

Phase 2 training module addresses 2012 requirement changes affecting:

  • Buffer Zones
  • Posting
  • Fumigation Management Plans
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Measures
  • Applicator Training
  • Notification to Authorities
  • Community Outreach
  • Emergency Responder Information


  • Phase 1 Label Requirements, PDF
  • Phase 2 Label Changes Summary, PDF
  • Buffer Zones, PDF (480 kb)
  • Fumigant Management Plan (FMP) and Post Application Summary (PAS), PDF
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Measures, PDF (1.3 mb)
  • Registrant Requirements (information for communities and emergency responders), PDF
  • Phase 2 Labels and The Restricted Materials Permit, PDF

Training Exercises

  • Notice of Intent Exercise, PDF
  • Field Fumigation Inspection Exercise, PDF

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Phase 1
    • ENF 11-25 (Amended) Soil Fumigant 2010 Labeling And Permit Conditions - Questions And Answers
  • Phase 2
    • ENF 13-09 Soil Fumigant 2012 Labeling and Permit Conditions-Questions and Answers

Recommended Permit Conditions

California Fumigant Management Plan (FMP) Templates

Additional Resources

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