Structural Pest Control Enforcement Program

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In accordance with Business and Professions Code section 8616, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and the Department of Consumer Affairs' Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB) jointly developed a training program for county agricultural commissioner (CAC) staff on structural pest control inspections, investigations, and enforcement.

Structural Pest Control Regulatory Training

DPR and the SPCB provide annual training to CAC staff with Basic Level Structural Regulatory Training. The three-day regulatory training details the procedures and policies for conducting inspections of the structural pest control businesses (Branches 1 through 3).

Previous training classes:

Structural Fumigation Use Monitoring Inspection Modules (New) for CACs

DPR and the SPCB developed training modules for structural fumigation use monitoring inspections. These modules provide general guidance to CAC staff and include all three phases of a structural fumigation: application, aeration, and certification phases:

  1. Application phase - The closing or "shooting" phase, beginning with structural preparation and tarpaulin placement, and ending when the fumigant release is completed.
  2. Aeration phase - The opening or commencement of the aeration phase, beginning when the inlet devices are opened and fans are turned on. Aeration continues until active ventilation has been maintained for 12 hours. The aeration phase for inspection purposes may begin when the operation to remove the tarps is initiated and ends when all tarps and seals have been removed from the structure and steps 2 and 3 of the California Aeration Plan (CAP) have been completed.
    • Aeration Module 2.1 Aeration Following CAP, PDF
    • Aeration Module 2.2 Aeration Following Product Labelling, PDF

  3. Certification phase - The certification or "clearing" phase, when the operator or field representative certifies the structure safe for reentry.
    • Certification Module, PDF

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