New School, Child Care Center IPM Training Online Now!

May, 2016

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Looking for pests beneath a school cafeteria refrigerator.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) is providing free, online training required for people who work at schools, or child care centers, and use disinfectants or pesticides on the job.

This training is legally required under the state Healthy Schools Act, which encourages the use of integrated pest management (IPM) at schools and child care centers. IPM reduces reliance on pesticides including many types of cleaning products by emphasizing prevention and sanitation techniques. Examples of IPM practices include installing door sweeps and sealing gaps in buildings, and removing food, water and shelter sources so that pests can't make a home.

Everyone from groundskeepers who use herbicides, to janitors, bus drivers and cafeteria workers who use sanitizers, to teachers and aides who use disinfecting wipes is required to get IPM training.

DPR is offering basic, intermediate and advanced courses to address varying job duties and pesticide use. For example, a teacher or parent volunteer who uses disinfectants would take the "basic" course while a groundskeeper might take the "intermediate" course, which focuses on practical pest management at schools. Details about each course are on the website.

Cockroach trap.

"The required training will help ensure that pesticides will be used with a better understanding of potential impacts to children's health," said Lisa Estridge, DPR Senior Environmental Scientist. The one-hour courses must be taken annually. The advanced online course will provide continuing education credit for DPR and Structural Pest Control Board licensees.

The IPM training requirement takes effect July 1. Those required to have the training should plan to take the course before July because demand is expected to be high.

See DPR's School IPM Training webpage for more information about DPR's free IPM training.

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