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Air Monitoring Network, updates and announcements on DPR's network to sample ambient air for multiple pesticides in several communities on a regular schedule, over several years. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Alternatives, updates and announcements on DPR's work group to identify, evaluate, and implement safer, more sustainable pest management alternatives to chlorpyrifos in connection with the elimination of its use in agricultural production in California. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Cannabis, information and updates on DPR's cannabis website, education and outreach opportunities, and other pesticide activities specific to cannabis. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Endangered Species Information, includes U.S. EPA Interim Measures Bulletins and other pesticide-related endangered species information. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Environmental Justice, information, developments and proposal for comment on DPR's Environmental Justice Implementation Plan. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Groundwater Protection Program, periodic updates on public hearings and available reports and publications. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Human Health Mitigation, information and updates on proposed and final mitigation efforts as well other activities related to control measures that reduce pesticide exposure to protect human health. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Child Care Centers, informational updates relating to IPM in the child care setting and the Healthy Schools Act. Subscribe Unsubscribe
IPM Achievement Awards (Innovators), periodic updates including open nomination period, award winners, and other activities. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Licensing, Certification and Continuing Education, information and updates from DPR's Licensing Program for pest control licensees and certificate holders, including information on continuing education. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Materials Entering Evaluation Process, weekly notices from Pesticide Registration Branch about registration submissions entering DPR's scientific review process Subscribe Unsubscribe
MillPay, information and updates about future online reporting of pesticide sales and mill assessment payment options. Subscribe Unsubscribe
News Releases, from DPR's Communications Office, announce significant events, reports, and regulatory actions. Subscribe by e-mail or RSS RSS feed icon Unsubscribe
Notices of Proposed Regulatory Action, are issued when DPR proposes changes to its regulations in Title 3, California Code of Regulations. Notices include a description of the proposed action and how persons may submit comments. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Notice of Proposed and Final Decisions, issued weekly by Registration Branch, list the Department's decisions on whether to register a product or to deny registration. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Notices to Stakeholders, from the Pesticide Registration Branch, includes notices regarding reevaluation, renewal and risk assessment that are of general interest to DPR's stakeholders. They are sent out on an irregular basis, about 10 a year. (This list should not be confused with the weekly "Notice of Proposed and Final Decisions.") Subscribe Unsubscribe
Pest Management Advisory Committee (PMAC), advises the Department on a wide range of regulatory issues, and plays a key role in evaluating and recommending recipients for pest management grants. Subscribers to this list will receive notices, agenda and minutes relative to the quarterly meetings. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Pest Management Alliance Grant Program, periodic updates including availability of new solicitation, status of application submission period, and other activities. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Pest Management Research Grant Program, periodic updates including availability of new solicitation, status of application submission period, and other activities. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act , Distributes information and hearing materials for an active ingredient undergoing the Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act review process Subscribe Unsubscribe
Pesticide Notification Network updates and announcements on the development of the statewide system for advance notification of the application of certain pesticides. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Pesticide Registration and Evaluation Committee (PREC), brings together representatives of all public agencies whose activities or resources may be affected by the use of pesticides. Subscribers to this list will receive agenda and minutes relative to the bimonthly meetings. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Pesticide Use Report (PUR) Analysis Workgroup, The PUR Workgroup meets annually to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences about using the PUR database to address pest management, public health, and environmental issues. Subscribers to this list will receive notification of the date, time, place, agenda, and any other relevant information regarding the workgroup as soon as it is available. Subscribe Unsubscribe
School Integrated Pest Management (IPM), informational updates relating to school IPM and the Healthy Schools Act of 2000. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Surface Water Protection Program, periodic updates, including availability of new studies, reports, and monitoring protocols, database updates, and other surface water activities. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) Program, periodic updates, including availability of new studies and reports, public comment periods, Scientific Review Panel meetings, and other TAC activities. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Program, updates and announcements from DPR's Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Program, including the availability of reports, public comment periods, regulations, State Implementation Plans, and other activities. Subscribe Unsubscribe