DPR Makes Pesticide Reporting Easier

August, 2015

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California Department of Pesticide Regulation Staff Services Analyst enters data into the MillPay system

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation is preparing to launch an Internet-based reporting and payment system called MillPay that could save the department time and money.

The computerized system, tested last year by about 100 vendors, will provide businesses an option other than the DPR’s paper reporting system.

With the current paper reporting system, DPR staff members spend hundreds of hours mailing out forms to vendors, who in turn submit reports and “mill” payments to the state by mail. Mill payments are fees charged manufacturers and are based on the value of pesticide sales. The mill fee equals 2.1 cents per dollar. An additional fee ($0.00075 per dollar) is collected for agricultural sales.

Pesticide companies that sell or distribute into or within California pay the state's assessment.

DPR staff members and hired helpers prepare to send out quarterly mill payment information to manufacturers

MillPay allows for online payments by credit card and EFT, eliminating the cumbersome paper process.

Whether you are a company new to filing a mill assessment, or a longtime vendor used to reporting on a paper form, MillPay will make reporting easier than ever.

DPR employee files paperwork.

"MillPay is yet another example of how DPR is always changing and adapting. With MillPay, DPR is making reporting and payment more efficient for vendors," said DPR Director Brian Leahy.

Thus far, the pilot program, launched this year, has been well-received by participants.

"I found it very easy to use. It is much quicker than the old process," said Ellen Bjornstad, with Bell Laboratories, which is taking part in the pilot program.

"Not having the paper forms is a real benefit, it saves you money not mailing in and receiving by mail," said Doreen Smith with Gillespie Ag Service, which is among the companies participating in the pilot program. "Might as well take advantage of this new technology."

MillPay is "much easier than the forms," another company representative responded.

MillPay logo

"It is much nicer to submit the form online. It is simpler also due to not having to make totals at the bottom of each page of the report," said another.

To learn more about MillPay, see the DPR website: www.cdpr.ca.gov/docs/mill/millpay.htm.

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