Progress Report 2001
Protecting People and the Environment

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This DPR Progress Report summarizes our major accomplishments during 2001 and highlights the most important initiatives planned in 2002. For your convenience, it may be read or downloaded as a single PDF file or by individual sections (described below).

Progress Report, PDF (1.6 mb) (entire report)

Cover, Director's message, PDF (381 kb)

The Big Picture, PDF (88 kb)

Making the grade on pest management, PDF (123 kb)

New information on the Web
More school IPM developments
Our natural winners

Transforming how we do business, PDF (153 kb)

Online registration for pest control licensees
Updating county permit systems
We're developing a bird's eye view of pesticide use

Supporting grassroots innovation, PDF (230 kb)

Some case studies of success
We provide more public data than anyone

Bringing safer pesticides to California, PDF (147 kb)

Streamlining the registration process
4 for excellence!
Reducing the impact of fumigants
Refining our regulatory actions

Protecting ground and surface water, PDF (284 kb)

Safeguarding vulnerable areas
Surface water monitoring
Keeping score on the environment

Enforcing the law fairly and firmly, PDF (275 kb)

Assessing compliance in the field
Investigating pesticide injuries
Encouraging compliance, emphasizing safety
At the border
Improving county enforcement
Getting a grip on drift
Communicating with our stakeholders
Monitoring food residues
Collecting record unpaid assessments
Answering questions about pesticide risks

Balance Sheet, PDF (23 kb)

Pesticide regulatory program funding
DPR organization and functions

Back cover, PDF (96 kb)

Department addresses, phone numbers