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Regulations adopted by DPR to identify potential groundwater contaminants and implement pesticide use restrictions to protect groundwater in vulnerable areas of California.

  • Potential pesticide contaminants
    Regulations to identify pesticides that have the potential to pollute groundwater based on their chemical properties and labeled uses.
  • Pesticide use regulations to protect groundwater
    Regulations to protect groundwater from contamination resulting from agricultural, outdoor industrial, and outdoor institutional use of pesticides.
  • Backflow prevention and chemigation safety information
    Resources for growers, pesticide applicators, pest control advisers, and county agricultural commissioners to protect groundwater from pesticides during mixing and loading operations, and from pesticides applied through irrigation systems.
  • Wellhead protection
    Regulation to prevent the contamination of groundwater through unprotected wellheads. Restricts pesticide handling practices within 100 feet of any unprotected wellhead unless certain criteria are met. Prohibits the use of specific preemergent herbicides between a berm and the wellhead.

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