Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act Review Process Triggered by Detection of Hexazinone in Ground Water

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Formal Review Process

The formal review process began in November 2010, following the determination that detections of hexazinone in ground water were the result of its legal agricultural use. Following a public hearing on May 9, 2011, the PREC subcommittee found that the presence of hexazinone in the ground waters of the state has not polluted and does not threaten to pollute ground waters, as based on the definition of pollution in law (Food and Agricultural Code section 13142(j)). In September 2011, the Director concurred with the subcommittee's findings and as such, allowed the continued registration, sale, and agricultural use of hexazinone products.

Subcommittee Findings and Director's Decision

Notice of decision pertaining to hexazinone: Based on the findings and recommendations of the PREC subcommittee, the Director of DPR issued a decision regarding the continued use of hexazinone.

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