Regulatory Issues

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New regulations and reevaluation notices to registrants to mitigate surface water contamination from pesticide use.

Antifouling Paint

  • Memorandum, PDF (93 kb) from Xuyang Zhang to David Duncan. Response to the External Scientific Peer Review Comments on DPR's Determination of the Maximum Allowable Leach Rate for Copper Antifouling Products.(July 2016)
  • Memorandum, PDF (71 kb) from David Duncan to Brian R. Leahy via Charles M. Andrews. Determination of Maximum Allowable Leach Rate and Mitigation Recommendations for Copper Antifouling Paints per AB 425. (January 2014)
    • Appendix 1, PDF (258 kb): Modeling to Determine the Maximum Allowable Leach Rate for Copper-Based Antifouling Products in California Marinas, Xuyang Zhang and Nan Singhasemanon
    • Appendix 2, PDF (26 kb): DPR Copper Antifouling Paint (AFP) Mitigation Recommendations
  • Reevaluation of antifouling paint pesticides

Pyrethroid Reevaluation

  • Final Decision Concerning Reevaluation of Certain Pyrethroid Pesticide Products, NOTICE, PDF (122 kb)
  • PWG and Meta Research. 2010. California 2009 Urban Pesticide Use Pattern Study
  • DPR Pyrethroid Forum (April 30, 2007) – Agenda and presentations
    • Agenda
    • Urban Consumer Use Patterns: Off-Site Movement Potential; Mitigation/Optimization, Martinez R.
    • Protecting Water Quality: The Federal and State Clean Water Mandates to Prevent Toxicity and the California Water Boards' Role, Mumley, T. and Karkoski, J.
    • Pesticides Pose Compliance Challenges for Urban Runoff Permittees, Brossea, G.
    • Stormwater Flow Chart
    • Pyrethroid Problem Formulation Overview, Poletika, N.
    • Pyrethroids Residential and Consumer Products Use in California, Assaf, N.
    • POTWs and the Regulatory World: Pesticides, PDF Bobel, P., Moran, K. and Weir, C.
    • Wastewater Flow Chart
    • Environmental Fate and Aquatic Toxicity of the Synthetic Pyrethroids, Dobbs, M., Warinton, J., Giddings, J.M., Hendley, P. and Lam, C.
    • Registration and Re-evaluation of Pyrethroids, Pyrethrins, and Synergist (PPS) Chemicals (U.S. EPA) Pyrethroids, Pyrethrins, and Synergist (PPS) Chemicals, Guerry, J.
    • Urban and Agriculture Prioritization for DPR's Reevaluation of Pyrethroids, Jones, R., Markle, J., Hendley, P., Poletika, N., Assaf, N., Mitchell, G., Dobbs, M. and Kohne, S.
    • Overview of Stormwater-Related Scientific Issues and Resources, Moran, K.
    • PCOC: CA Industry Perspective, Van Steenwyk, D.
  • Documents associated with pyrethroid reevaluation

Dormant Spray Insecticides Regulation

Chlorpyrifos Reevaluation

  • California Notice 2004-4, Notice of Decision to Begin Reevaluation of Pesticide Products Containing Chlorpyrifos. April 23, 2004

Diazinon Reevaluation

  • Request to End the Reevaluation of Diazinon. PDF (45 kb). Dec 15, 2017.
  • California Notice 2003-2., PDF (146 kb) Notice of Decision to Begin Reevaluation of Pesticide Products Containing Diazinon. March 24, 2003.
  • Guidance for Diazinon Reevaluation Studies, PDF (314 kb)