Regulatory Issues

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New regulations and reevaluation notices to registrants to mitigate surface water contamination from pesticide use.

Antifouling Paint

  • Memorandum, PDF (93 kb) from Xuyang Zhang to David Duncan. Response to the External Scientific Peer Review Comments on DPRís Determination of the Maximum Allowable Leach Rate for Copper Antifouling Products.(July 2016)
  • Memorandum, PDF (71 kb) from David Duncan to Brian R. Leahy via Charles M. Andrews. Determination of Maximum Allowable Leach Rate and Mitigation Recommendations for Copper Antifouling Paints per AB 425. (January 2014)
    • Appendix 1, PDF (258 kb): Modeling to Determine the Maximum Allowable Leach Rate for Copper-Based Antifouling Products in California Marinas, Xuyang Zhang and Nan Singhasemanon
    • Appendix 2, PDF (26 kb): DPR Copper Antifouling Paint (AFP) Mitigation Recommendations
  • Reevaluation of antifouling paint pesticides

Pyrethroid Reevaluation

Dormant Spray Insecticides Regulation

Chlorpyrifos Reevaluation

Diazinon Reevaluation