How to Calculate Fumigant VOC Emissions

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These tools are designed to assist Ventura County growers in calculating VOC emissions from various fumigation methods and make any required changes to ensure their emissions stay under the allowance they are given.

  • Excel-based calculator (version 02-03-11) – requires the user have a computer and Microsoft Excel 2000 software (or later version) to operate (Excel, 3 mb)
  • Instructions (no computer required) on how to calculate VOC emissions, PDF (126 kb), including tables of the VOC content of fumigant products and emission ratings for fumigation methods
  • Note:  Strawberry growers can contact the California Strawberry Commission for assistance with emission calculations and guidance on ways to meet allowances. Contact Ms. Annika Forester, (805) 798-0271 or Ms. Sofia Hernandez, (831) 724-1301.

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