Methods Exempted From Field Fumigation Regulations

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Regulations to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from fumigant pesticides went into effect in January 2008. Under the rules, in certain areas of the state, only specific application methods can be used.

However, the rules for the following fumigations (when allowed by the label) are exempted from the restrictions on methods because they are specialized applications and have negligible contribution to total fumigant VOC emissions.

The exempted fumigations are:

  • Raised-tarpaulin nursery fumigations of less than one acre
  • Replant of individual vine or tree-sites (tree holes) less than one contiguous acre*
  • Tree applications for prevention of root graft disease transmission
  • Wood decay uses
  • Golf courses
  • Potting soil.

Note: These fumigations are NOT exempt from the new use reporting requirements for field fumigant applications.

*The exemption for replant of individual vines or trees is intended to be used only in situations when it is not feasible to use an application method listed in the regulations. There may be some situations where a listed application method is feasible, but the regulations would also allow the use of an exempted method. DPR has instructed county agricultural commissioners to evaluate each case and to require the use of an application method described in the regulations whenever feasible, using appropriate permit conditions.

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