04 GROWN FOR SEED ag crops or ornamental plants grown for seed
10 GREENHOUSE APPLICATION ag crops and ornamental plants grown in a greenhouse; includes mushroom houses (full), hotbeds and cold-frames
15 POST HARVEST /DORMANT/ DELAYED DORMANT (pre-bloom) applications to growing or dormant perennial ag plants; post-harvest applications to harvested commodities for fresh market or processing
16 NON-BEARING PLANTS non-bearing ag plants, nursery stock, ornamental plants
21 STORED PRODUCTS/ COMMODITIES AND DRIED COMMODITIES either prior to or after commodities are stored
22 CONTAINERIZED PLANTS plants grown in containers, tubs, etc.
27 ANIMAL PREMISES applications to enclosed premises where animals are kept, stored, etc.
28 OPEN PREMISE TREATMENT applications to open animal structure exteriors.
56 RESIDUAL SPOT TREATMENT used in edible product area sites
57 RESIDUAL CRACK & CREVICE TREATMENT used in edible product area sites
62 SURFACE OR AREAS RELATED TO AQUATIC SITES shore areas, ditch banks, etc.
70 GENERIC SITE OR SITE NOT SPECIFICALLY LISTED ON LABEL commodity codes specifically given to the counties for pesticide use reporting or specific commodities when "general" commodities are listed on the label
79 CROP RESIDUES non-food, non-feed crop residues
94 ORCHARD FLOORS applications to control broadleaf weeds in orchards, not to the foilage of crop plant