California Code of Regulations (Title 3. Food and Agriculture)
Division 6. Pesticides and Pest Control Operations

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Disclaimer: This document is published by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. It is an excerpt from the section of the California Code of Regulations dealing with pesticides and pest control operations. Every effort has been made to reproduce the regulations as they appear in the official publication printed by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL).

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Division 6. Pesticide and Pest Control Operations

Chapter 1. Pesticide Regulatory Program
Chapter 1. Pesticide Regulatory Program Section Number
Subchapter 1. Definition of Terms Section 6000
Subchapter 2. Program Certification Section 6100-6122
Subchapter 3. Agricultural Commissioner Penalties Section 6128-6130
Subchapter 4. Inspection and Investigation Procedures Section 6140-6141
Subchapter 5. Sunset Review of Regulations Section 6142

Chapter 2. Pesticides
Chapter 2. Pesticides Section Number
Subchapter 1. Pesticide Registration Section 6145-6302
Subchapter 2. Cancellations and Suspensions Section 6350-6379
Subchapter 3. Assessments Section 6382-6396
Subchapter 4. Restricted Materials Section 6400-6489
Subchapter 5. Produce Carrying Pesticide Residue Section 6490-6492

Chapter 3. Pest Control Operations">
Chapter 3. Pest Control Operations Section Number
Subchapter 1. Licensing Section 6500-6584
Subchapter 2. Work Requirements Section 6600-6692
Subchapter 3. Pesticide Worker Safety Section 6700-6795

Chapter 4. Environmental Protection
Chapter 4. Environmental Protection Section Number
Subchapter 1. Ground Water Section 6800-6806
Subchapter 2. Air Section 6860-6890
Subchapter 3. Aquatic and Marine Environments Section 6900-6920
Subchapter 4. Compost Section 6950
Subchapter 5. Surface Water Section 6960
Subchapter 6. Pollinator Protection Section 6980-6990.16