California Notice 96-5
      The federal Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990;  
      U.S.C. section 7401 et seq.) require that states
      develop state implementation plans for implementing,
      maintaining, and enforcing National Ambient Air
      Quality Standards for pollutants in each air quality
      control region of the state.  One of the pollutants
      of concern is volatile organic compounds (VOC),
      including VOCs released into the atmosphere from
      pesticide product formulations.  VOCs can react in
      the atmosphere in the presence of sunlight with
      nitrogen oxides to form ozone.  Ozone is harmful to
      both human health and vegetation.  
      On November 15, 1994, the Department of Pesticide
      Regulation (DPR) prepared a State Implementation Plan
      for agricultural and commercial structural
      pesticides.  The plan is designed to reduce VOC
      emissions from such pesticides by a minimum of 20
      percent from the 1990 baseline emission inventory to
      the year 2005.  DPR intends to produce VOC emission
      inventories each year starting with 1990 and going
      through 2005.  
      In order to produce the inventories, DPR needs data
      regarding the VOC emission potential of each
      registered agricultural or commercial structural
      pesticide product.  To begin obtaining the
      information, DPR placed registered pesticide products
      into reevaluation.  Products formulated as liquids
      were placed into reevaluation in April 1994 and
      products formulated as solids were placed into
      reevaluation in March 1995.  In 1996, due to time
      constraints, DPR estimated the amount of VOC in
      currently registered pressurized products.  
      The data gathered through the reevaluation process
      and estimated for pressurized products are being
      used, in combination with use report information, to
      calculate VOC emission inventories for 1990 through
      1993.  In order to calculate emission inventories for
      California Notice 96-5 
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      future years, VOC emission data are needed for
      products which were registered in California after
      the initiation of the two reevaluations.  In
      addition, as new agricultural and commercial
      structural products are registered for use in
      California, DPR will need VOC emission data for each
      of the products.  
      Due Dates
      If you intend to submit thermogravimetric    
      analysis (TGA) data on agricultural and commercial
      structural pesticide products which are currently
      registered, but were not included in either the
      liquid or the solid reevaluation, please submit the
      results by October 1, 1996.  If we do not receive TGA
      data by October 1, 1996, DPR will assign the VOC
      emission potential of each product to be the highest 
      representative TGA value reported for products of the
      same formulation category.  
      DPR also needs VOC emission data for each new
      agricultural and commercial structural pesticide
      product registered for use in California.  Please
      note that the TGA data are not required for
      registration and failure to submit such data will not
      hold up the registration process.  If you intend to
      submit TGA data, it may be submitted with the
      application for registration or any time prior to
      October 1 of the year in which the product is
      registered.  If we do not receive TGA data before
      October 1 of the year in which the product is
      registered, DPR will assign the VOC emission
      potential of the product using the highest
      representative TGA value reported for products of the
      same formulation category.  
      Copies of TGA Protocols and VOC Data Submission Forms
      Copies of TGA protocols for pesticide products
      formulated as liquids, solids, and pressurized
      products, as well as VOC Data Submission Forms, are
      available upon request.  The VOC Data Submission
      forms are available in hard copy and on diskette in
      Excel 5.0 format.  Please note that a separate VOC
      Data Submission Form must be submitted for each
      California Notice 96-5 
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      The TGA methods can be run by the laboratory of your
      choice.  However, for your convenience, a list of
      laboratories that have expressed an interest in
      conducting the TGA method is enclosed.  We are not
      recommending or endorsing any of these laboratories.  
      Mailing Address
      Please address all correspondence as follows:  
          Pesticide Registration Branch
          Department of Pesticide Regulation
          1020 N Street, Room 332
          Sacramento, California  95814-5624
      Contact Persons
      If you have questions regarding this notice or wish
      to obtain a copy of a VOC Data Submission Form or TGA
      protocol, please contact Ms. Ann Prichard, Program
      Specialist, Pesticide Registration Branch, at   
      (916) 324-3931.  For technical information and
      questions regarding the TGA methods and VOC Data
      Submission Forms, please contact Judy Pino, PhD.,
      Senior Environmental Research Scientist,
      Environmental Monitoring and Pest Management Branch,
      at (916) 324-4023.  
        Original Signed by                    7-25-96
      _____________________________         _____________                                                         
      Barry Cortez, Chief                      Date
      Pesticide Registration Branch
      (916) 445-4377
      cc: Ms. Ann Prichard
          Dr. Judy Pino
The following laboratories have expressed an interest in
conducting the TGA Method.  We are not recommending or endorsing
any of these laboratories:

1.   Tom Grentzer
     Ashland Chemicals
     5200 Blazer Parkway
     Dublin, Ohio  43017
     Phone: 614-790-4665
     FAX: 614-790-4294

2.   Shri Thanedar, Ph.D.
     Chemir/Polytech Laboratories, Inc. 
     2672 Metro Blvd.
     St. Louis, Missouri  63043
     Phone: 314-291-6620
     FAX: 314-291-6630

3.   John Irving
     Dartec Labs, Inc.
     P.O. Box 129
     1000 35th Street
     Evans, Colorado  80620
     Phone: 970-339-5221
     FAX: 970-339-5636

4.   Michael Sepe
     Dickten & Masch Mfg. Co.
     N 44 W33341 Watertown Plank Road
     Nashotah, Wisconsin  53058-0112
     Phone: 414-367-5200
     FAX: 414-367-5630 or -2331

5.   Reed Slevin
     Harrop Industries, Inc.
     3470 East Fifth Avenue
     Columbus, Ohio  43219
     Phone: 614-231-3621
     FAX: 614-235-3699

6.   Tom Kwoka
     Herguth Labs, Inc.
     101 Corporate Place,  P.O. Box B
     Vallejo, California  94590
     Phone: 707-554-4611 ext. 3040
     FAX: 707-554-0109

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7.   Arthur Coates
     P.O. Box 7
     Waltham, Massachusetts  02254-0007 or
     30 Myles Standish Rd.
     Weston, Massachusetts  02193-2124
     Phone: 617-891-1113
     FAX: 617-891-1113

8.   Gary Sweetapple
     Ricera, Inc.
     P.O. Box 1000 
     7258 Auburn Road
     Painsville, Ohio  44077
     Phone: 216-357-3256
     FAX: 216-354-6276

9.   John Rose
     Rose Consulting
     579 Kelly Avenue
     Half Moon Bay, California  94019
     Phone: 415-726-7638
     FAX: 415-726-1867

10.  John Radman
     Trace Laboratories-East
     5 North Park Drive
     Hunt Valley, Maryland  21030
     Phone: 410-584-9099
     FAX: 410-584-9117