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The H20 Home to Ocean Web site promotes safe use and disposal of pesticides in homes and gardens to protect water quality. Created by Cal/EPA’s Department of Pesticide Regulation, this site was designed to provide an outreach and education guide for publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities. However, other organizations and the general public may also find this information helpful.

This site is based on a workbook published by DPR in September 1998. (See DPR’s news release for details.) The workbook provides step-by-step instructions on how to launch a public education campaign for water quality protection, or enhance an existing program, with the H20 Home to Ocean theme.

To obtain the workbook in hard copy format, call DPR at (916) 445-3974. Due to limited supplies, hard copies generally are available only to California public wastewater utility districts. Others may download the workbook from this site without charge. The materials include a logo, brochures, a poster, and other collateral items in both English and Spanish.

Why did DPR create this workbook? Improper use and disposal of pesticides can impair water quality. Consumers sometimes carelessly dispose of excess pesticides by pouring them down the drain or into the gutter. Pesticide residue runoff from lawns and other surfaces may also cause problems. Residues may harm wildlife habitats, jeopardize the recreational use of rivers and lakes, and even contaminate drinking water.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9, headquartered in San Francisco, provided funding for H20 Home to Ocean with a pollution prevention grant.

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