A Guide to Pesticide Regulation in California: 2017 Update

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Cover of A Guide to Pesticide Regulation in California, 2017 Update.

Pesticide Historical Timeline, PDF

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A Guide to Pesticide Regulation in California was published in 2017. In its 135 pages is information on pesticide laws and regulations, the Department of Pesticide Regulation's organizational structure, an explanation of regulatory and registration processes, a description of local and state enforcement, and details on DPR initiatives to protect people and the environment. It is an update to the 2011 DPR guide.

Chapter 1. Mission and Department Organization, PDF (357 kb)

DPR Mission
Pesticide Programs Division
Administrative Services Division
Office of Technology Services
Structural Pest Control Board

Chapter 2. Ensuring Safe Pesticide Use, PDF (712 kb)

Roles of Federal, State and Local Agencies in Pesticide Use Enforcement
Restricted Materials and Permitting
State-County Enforcement Partnership
Pesticide Enforcement and Compliance Options
Improving Enforcement
Licensing and Certification Program
Product Compliance

Chapter 3. Pesticide Registration, PDF (928 kb)

The Pesticide Registration Process
Categories of Pesticides
Data Evaluation
Differences Between State and Federal Registration Process
Conditional and Interim Registrations
Adverse Effects Disclosure
Suspension and Cancellation
Streamlining Registration
Online Registration Process
Registration of Pest Control Devices
Experimental Uses and Research Authorizations
Exemptions from Registration
Section 24(c) and Section 18
Registration Requirements for Products Made of Pesticide Impregnated Materials and Bearing Pesticidal Claims
Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides
Registration Fees
Pollinator Protection
A Guide for Pesticide Registrants

Chapter 4. Continuous Evaluation and Reevaluation, PDF (137 kb)


Chapter 5. Assessing Pesticide Risks to Human Health, PDF ( 723 kb)

Risk assessment process
Hazard and Risk
Assessing Pesticide Risk
Conducting a Health Risk Assessment
Risk Characterization

Chapter 6. Risk Management, PDF (507 kb)

About Risk Management
Identification and Analysis of Risk Management Options
Selection of a Risk Management Strategy
Implementation of the Strategy
Monitoring and Evaluation of Results

Chapter 7. Pesticide Residue Monitoring, PDF (521 kb)

Focus on Pesticide Residues
California's First Legislation
Increasing Concern Prompts Expanded Programs
California's Residue Monitoring Program
Analytical Methods
Coordination with Federal Agencies

Chapter 8. Protecting Workers and the Public, PDF (696 kb)

DPR's Pioneering Worker Safety Program
Worker Protection Standard
Coordination with County Agricultural Commissioners
Investigating Pesticide Episodes
U.S. EPA Priority Episodes
Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program (PISP)
Exposure Monitoring Studies
Reducing Pesticide Exposure
Industrial Hygiene

Chapter 9. Pesticide Use Reporting, PDF (430 kb)

How Use Reporting Works
Improving Accuracy
Improving Access to the Data
How Pesticide Use Data are Used

Chapter 10. Protecting the Environment, PDF (1 mb)

Evaluating Pesticides in the Air
Protecting Water Quality
Surface Water Protection Program
Ground Water Protection Program
Endangered Species Project
Emergency Projects Monitoring
Pesticide Container Recycling

Chapter 11. Reducing the Risks of Managing Pests, PDF (430 kb)

Easing Registration of Low Risk Pesticides
IPM Achievement Awards
Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)
Pesticide Use Reporting
Grant Programs
IPM Training
IPM in Schools and Child Care Facilities
Pest Management Advisory Committee
Other Measures

Chapter 12. Addressing Public Concerns about Pesticides, PDF (476 kb)

Promoting Cooperation and Understanding
Incorporating Environmental Justice Considerations into DPR Programs

Chapter 13. Funding and Accountability, PDF (444 kb)

Pesticide Regulatory Program Funding and the "Mill"
Product Registration Fees
Licensing and Certification Fees
Local Assistance


  1. Code Sections Enacted or Amended by Referenced Legislation, PDF (140 kb)
  2. Acronyms and Abbreviations, PDF (62 kb)
  3. A History of Pesticide Regulation in California, PDF (1.1 mb)
  4. Rulemaking, PDF (85 kb)