Simple Chemical Query Instructions

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This simple query searches the DPR Chemical Ingredients Database. The query can be performed in two ways:

  1. The top box, labeled "Code or Name", allows one to search by any name or portion of name. It is not necessary to enter the whole name. You must enter at least 3 characters for the search to be valid. When the name has been entered, either single click on the "Submit Query" button with your mouse, or hit your enter key. The "reset" button will clear your entry from the box so that you can enter another name to search. For those users that are familiar with DPR's chemcodes, the code can be entered to conduct the search.
  2. The bottom box, labeled "CAS Number", allows you to search by Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) number. You may enter a whole or partial number with or without the "-"'s. You must enter at least 2 digits for the search to be valid.


The report that is returned from either of these queries presents you with a list of all the matches based on the criteria you entered. If matches exist, they are displayed and the DPR chemcode will be highlighted. If you click on the highlighted number, it will display information from the chemical database.

This report contains further links to California registration information for that chemical. Reports can be generated by Active Products(currently registered) or All Products(registered and inactive).

The link by CAS number creates a join to the USEPA’s Master Chemical Integrator in Washington D.C. Sometimes this join takes awhile because of server traffic.

The link by Shaughnessy Number (now called PC Code) performs a search of OPP's chemical database yielding more information and containing links to Federally registered products.