Final Requirements for Chlorpyrifos

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The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has issued final requirements for chlorpyrifos that will prohibit virtually all use, sales, and distribution of chlorpyrifos in California by the end of 2020.

For products included in the cancellation notices, the following conditions apply:

  • Distribution or sale by Registrants. Within and no later than November 8, 2019, Registrants shall not distribute or sell any of the included products into or within California, unless such distribution or sale is for the purposes of disposal in accordance with applicable state and federal law, or export.
  • Distribution or sale by California pesticide dealers. Within and no later than February 6, 2020, dealers must not sell or distribute any of the included products, except for the purpose of disposal in accordance with applicable state and federal law, or for return of those products to the registrant.
  • Possession and Use. All possession and use of the included products by end users or any person in California must cease by December 31, 2020. All use must comply with approved labeling for the product; the Chlorpyrifos Interim Recommended Permit Conditions issued by the Department in November 2018; and any other use restrictions imposed by the local county agricultural commissioner.

A full description of the conditions and the products included in these requirements is available here, Notice, PDF.

Information related to individual registrants is available upon request. To obtain a copy of these documents, please contact Mr. Daniel Rubin, Chief Counsel, by email at or by telephone at 916-324-2666.

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