What to do about bugs, weeds, and other pests

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Here are sources of information on pest management methods and on how to prevent pests in the first place, which is always the best strategy. The non-DPR sites are to help you make informed decisions. We have not evaluated all the advice on the non-DPR sites, and any recommendations are those of the external site. One thing to remember is to make sure you know what pest you are dealing with and pick the management strategy best suited to your situation. If it involves using a pesticide, read the label before you buy the product and again before you use it - then follow the instructions to the letter.

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If you have questions about California’s licensing, certification, and training requirements to perform pest control work (new applications, renewals, change of address, qualifications, examinations, study materials, and continuing education), please contact the Licensing Program at licensemail@cdpr.ca.gov or (916) 445-4038.