Our Budget and Finances

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  • Enacted Budget – includes details of appropriations and adjustments, fund condition, three-year history, printable documents

Background on DPR's resources & expenditures

  • Balance Sheet, PDF – summary of pesticide regulatory program funding and major business functions and key activities, excerpted from the most recent Progress Report
  • Funding history, 2000-01 – 2016-17, PDF
  • Staffing history, 1995-96 – 2016-17, PDF

Reports to the Legislature on budgets & funding

Regulatory fees

  • Mill assessment – about the fee assessed on pesticide sales in California
  • Registration fees
  • About Senate Bill 1049, PDF – 2003 legislation which required DPR to become primarily a fee-based agency. SB1049 changed how DPR set licensing and registration fees and made changes in the law regarding the mill assessment fee levied on pesticide sales.