Progress Report 2002
Getting Things Done

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This DPR Progress Report summarizes our major accomplishments during 2002 and the previous three years, and highlights the most important initiatives planned in 2003. For your convenience, it may be read or downloaded as a single PDF file or by individual sections (described below).

2002 Progress Report, PDF (2.6 mb) (entire report)

Cover, Director's message, PDF (521 kb)

The unique role of pesticides, PDF (272 kb)

Protecting People, PDF (653 kb)

People's safety comes first
Addressing health concerns
Preventing pesticide illness
Protecting tribal resources
Reducing the impact of fumigants
Auspicious trend
Pesticide risks well studied

Using the Best Science, PDF (232 kb)

Picking up the pieces is never easy
Data collection complete
Fine-tuning protection

Better Ways to Control Pests, PDF (230 kb)

California schools are scoring higher in pest management
IPM Innovators
Grants and Alliances
An almond success story

Protecting the Environment, PDF (227 kb)

The town of Artois rarely attracts a crowd
Clopyralid and compost
A better way to protect ground water

Enforcement in the Field, PDF (231 kb)

A law has little impact unless people consistently comply
Encouraging compliance
Focus on farm workers
Border project

Doing Business Better, PDF (240 kb)

Getting things done
Timely release of reports
How-to seminar
Collecting the mill fee
Services for licensees

Back Cover, PDF (168 kb)

DPR 2001-02 Balance Sheet, PDF (81 kb)