DPR Promotional Examinations

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In order to participate in a promotional examination for the Department of Pesticide Regulation, you must meet one of the following criteria, as well as the minimum qualifications as stated on the examination bulletin for the examination in which you would like to participate.

  1. Must have a permanent civil service appointment with the Department of Pesticide Regulation. Exceptions to this requirement can be found under Title 2, §235 of the California Code of Regulations1 or
  2. Must be a current or former employee of the Legislature for two or more years as defined in Government Code §18990;or
  3. Must be a current or former non-elected exempt employee of the Executive Branch for two or more consecutive years as defined in Government Code §18992; or
  4. Must be a person retired from the United States military, honorably discharged from active military duty with a service-connected disability, or honorably discharged from active duty as defined in Government Code § 18991. NOTE: Veterans must provide a copy of their DD 214 with their application.

Applicants not meeting the promotional requirements listed above and minimum qualifications will not be admitted to the examination.

Promotional Examinations
Examination Title Final Filing Date Filing Locations
General Auditor II, PDF December 22, 2023 Department of Pesticide Regulation
Human Resources Branch/Examinations Unit
1001 I Street, 4th Floor MS-4B
P.O. Box 4015
Sacramento, CA 95812-4015

1An employee who has moved from one agency or subdivision to another agency or subdivision without a break in service may participate, if otherwise eligible, in the promotional examination for the agency or subdivision from which that employee moved while employed (a) under probationary status, limited-term appointment, or temporary authorization until that employee first attains permanent status in the new agency or subdivision of (b) under an exempt appointment until that employee no longer has a right to return to civil service status under Government Code Section 19141 or (c) under a training assignment conforming to the provisions of Government Code Section 19050.8 or (d) under a Career Executive Assignment. If a promotional examination is being held for an agency or subdivision to establish an employment list for an administrative, professional or technical class, an employee of another agency or subdivision who is otherwise eligible may participate if that employee had promotional eligibility in the designated agency or subdivision at any time within three years of the date of examination and has had no subsequent break in state service by resignation, non-disability retirement or removal for cause. The executive officer in keeping with the needs of the service may permit other employees who are otherwise eligible under these regulations to participate in a promotional examination being held for an agency or subdivision in which the employees previously had permanent or probationary status.