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Worker Safety Information and Resources


  • Compliance assistance booklets for employers – This DPR series includes display of required information; decontamination facilities; emergency medical care; personal protective equipment; and safety training.
  • Compliance Guide for Employers and Businesses – DPR overview of pesticide laws and regulations governing pesticide use
  • Pesticide Safety Information Series (PSIS) – DPR handouts in English, Spanish and Punjabi help employees learn about pesticide safety. They are required to be used in handler and field worker training.
  • Pet grooming, PDF (59 kb) – Using Pesticides in Your Pet Grooming Business (Bulletin ENF-002, July 2007)
  • Restricted-entry intervals (English, PDF 61 kb) (En Español, PDF 63 kb) (DPR Enforcement Bulletin ENF-001, 2007)
  • Sulfur dioxide use in wineries, PDF (136 kb), En Español, PDF (200 kb) – two-page handout about licensing and use reporting requirements
  • Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Pest Control Use (Bulletin ENF-003, March 2014)
  • Using Disinfectants, Sanitizers, Medical Sterilants and Other Antimicrobials in the Workplace, PDF (87 kb) (DPR handout) (En Español, PDF, 132 kb)